Review of Missinglettr Social Media Software

Missinglettr Review: Create Targeted & Automated Social Campaigns

I love social media.  No other marketing channel allows you to reach so many people with your content.  But it can also be a beast to try and manage several social media accounts, let alone use them effectively.

But, I also know that creating content is only a part of content marketing, promoting it effectively is just as important.

Using tools to help manage your social media accounts is a necessity, especially if you are using the platform for business.  We all know what a time suck social media can be, so when I find a good tool that saves me time and increases my productivity, I jump all over it.

I want to introduce you to a social media tool I started using, it's called MissingLettr.  Here we will review MissingLettr, going over what it is, what it's used for, and a walkthrough on how it works.

MissingLettr is a social media tool that lets you create targeted and automated social media campaigns for your content.  Now, you're probably thinking, I already have a tool that lets me schedule my content on social media.

But here is a big difference with MissingLettr.

They let you create a 12-month social media marketing campaign across several of your social media profiles for each individual blog post.  Yes, MissingLettr is much more granular than other social media tools.  You can take a great blog post of yours and create a 12-month social media campaign, then set it and forget it.  MissingLettr will then activate and run your 12-month campaign for that individual blog post.  I don't know of another social media tool that will let you create a drip marketing campaign like this for every one of your blogs posts, automatically.

The beauty of MissingLettr is that all you have to do is add you blog to their platform and they will automatically pull in your latest blog posts and have them ready for you to activate.

Wouldn't it be great to create an entire social media marketing plan for every one of your blog posts?  Even your Youtube videos, how cool is that?  Maybe you can write a guest post on another website, you can create a campaign for that too.

If you are a marketing agency or content marketer, a tool like this is like gold, it will make you look like a superstar in front of your client.  What other agency would create a year-long marketing plan for every single blog post?  You, that's who.

Social Platforms MissingLettr Supports

As of this writing, they currently support the following social media platforms but they say they are in the process of adding more

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Facebook

I spoke with Benjamin DellFounder & CEO, Missinglettr and he says that Pinterest is the next integration they are working on.  In addition, they are working on a custom campaign option where you’ll be able to tweak durations, frequencies, and auto-repeat rules

MissingLettr Pricing Plans

They currently have 3 different pricing options, Personal, Business, and a free plan to try it out.  MissingLettr has a  free plan that gives you 1 website to connect, 2 campaigns a month and 1 social media profile.  The free plan is enough to test it out and see if it's a good tool for you.

missinglettr pricing plans - personal business free plans

Here's how MissingLettr makes this so easy.

Here is your overview page when you log in.  It will show you what social media profiles you have connected, how many campaigns are active and how many you have pending for you to review and activate.

missinglettr overview page

MissingLettr automatically pulls in your latest blog posts.  You can also manually add any url you want to run a campaign for.  This is the Campaign page where you can view the content MissingLettr has ready for you to review and activate.  MissingLettr creates 9 different social media posts for you, automatically pulling quotes and creating images for each one of the 9 posts, so none of them are the same.

missinglettr campaign page



Once you choose the campaign you want to review, you will see the 9 social media posts that MissingLettr has automatically created for you. The first page is where you choose your hashtags. MinngingLettr creates some hashtags for you, but I found most of their suggestions are too general and I usually create my own hashtags.  Their hashtag tool also gives you an idea of how many times that hashtag is used on Twitter, which is cool.

missinglettr campaing review page select hashtags

Once MissingLetter creates the campaign for your blog post, you then have a chance to review each post and edit the text and images for each one before approving.  I added a blog post of mine on Facebook Ads, the screenshot below is that they came up with automatically for me.

missinglettr Campaign editor page

Some of the suggestions were good, others needed a quick edit.  For each post, MissingLettr gives you several options you can slide through for the text quotes as well as the images.  You also have the option of manually editing the text and uploading your own images.  I spent about 3 minutes fixing up a few of the posts for this campaign, below is what I ended up with minimal editing.

missinglettr campaign editor finished version

Once you are happy with the 9 posts, you then move to the last step where you finalize the campaign and select what day you want your 12-month campaign to start on for this post.

missinglettr campaign scheduler page


And that's it!

It took me a total of about 5 minutes to review and edit the social media posts and activate it.  Now I know that for the next 12 months, this piece of content will be promoted on social media, with each post being different from the others.  Now I can work on my next blog post to promote.

Check out MissingLettr Here

You can see how this tool can (and should) be a part of your regular content promotion workflow.  Aside from Buffer, my favorite social media tool, MissingLettr is now standard when it comes to promoting my content on social media.

Have questions about how I am using MissingLettr to promote my content as well as our clients?  You can contact me here with questions, and you can also visit MissingLettr to learn more and to sign up.  They are pretty open about what is on their roadmap, so check out their blog for updates.  If you are not sure, sign up for the free account so you can test it out and see how valuable a tool it is when it comes to promoting content on social media.


Disclaimer: I am a paying customer of MissingLettr, but I am also an affiliate.  This means I may get a small commission if you click on a link to visit MissingLettr.  My link will not cost you any more than if you went there directly.  Hopefully, you found this review valuable if you have any questions you can contact me here.

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