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Google My Business: Post Specials, Updates and Promotions Directly To Your Listing

Google has been testing the ability to post directly to your Google My Business listing for awhile now.  But as of June 2017, they have opened up the feature to all businesses.

Posting on Google lets you post directly to your Google My Business listing and provides a continued stream of fresh content for people searching for your business.  Google is launching this feature in response to other social media platforms, namely Facebook and Instagram, where businesses currently post timely specials and promotions.

The ability to post directly to your Google My Business listing solves Google's problem of keeping content on each listing fresh and current.  It is also a great opportunity for businesses to keep customers and potential customers up to date on their latest deals and promotions.

For many small businesses, their Google My Business listing receives just as much traffic (or more) than their website.  So the ability to post timely specials and events directly to your Google My Business listing is a great feature.

Examples of Posts For Google My Business

Why Post Directly To Your Googly My Business Listing?

  • Share daily and weekly specials with your audience and encourage people to take advantage of your offers
  • Introduce new products and arrivals to your store.  Showcase some of your top products and give them lots of free visibility
  • A fast and easy way to promote timely events and to give a heads up on upcoming events
  • The ability to add links to your posts lets people click directly from Google to your events or specials page
  • It's free and your Google My Business listing already gets lots of visibility

As far as the longevity of your posts, I did not see anything official from Google but I have heard from several sources that the life of a post will be around 30 days before it disappears.  This makes sense as you have limited room on your public Google My Business listing and the purpose of these posts is to showcase timely offers and events for your business.  Posts will show up both in the Google search results as well as the local map results.

Here is an example of how it looks:

Sample Post To Google My Business Listing


Posting To Your Google My Business Listing

When creating a post for your Google My Business listing, you can currently do the following:

  • Add an image to your post
  • Write between 100-300 words
  • Create events with start and end dates and times
  • Add the following call to action buttons with a link of your choice: Reserve, Sign Up, Buy, Get Offer
  • Posts can be created from your Google My Business listing desktop dashboard or through the Google My Business mobile app

The process of posting is super easy, just follow these steps:

1 – Log into your Google My Business account (or download the mobile app)

2 – Select the new Posts tab in the dashboard

Post Feature Now Available To Small Business in Google My Business

3 – Create your post

Sample Post To Google Editor 2

4 – Publish and enjoy!

Post To Google My Business - Mobile Editor

The whole process is very easy and was built so small businesses can post their events and promotions quickly and easily.

Check out the new posting feature on Google My Business today and start taking advantage of this great new feature.  If you know of any other business who might not know about this feature yet, you can share this article with them.

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