Automatic Follow-ups for Your Email


Have you ever sent an email to someone asking them to complete a task or do you a favor?  What usually happens after that email has been sent?  For me it's usually one of the following;

1- I keep the original email in my inbox as a reminder to eventually follow up with them

2- I set a reminder on my Google Calendar to follow up

3- I totally forget about the matter and hope that they follow through with my email request

What if there was a better, easier way to follow up with friends, contacts and teammates?  A nifty new service called Follow Up Then may be just what you are looking for.  

There is no sign up, no software to download and it works with any email program.

To use the service, write your email and use the address To: box as usual. Then all you have to do is use the CC: box and type in:

An example would be

Follow Up Then

What happens next is the email will be sent as usual and in one week's time both you and the original email recipient will get a follow up email reminding everyone of the original email.  The date and subject of the original email is also included.

Here are a few examples of time intervals you can use when using this follow-up service:


Time Interval

Day of Week

Common Scheduling Terms

Specific Date

Specific Time — will sent the next occurrence of 11 a.m. your time (yes, we magically know your time zone). Only supports whole hour increments.

Specific Date and Time

Recurring Reminders

If you are currently using this service leave a comment below on how you like it.  If not, try it out today.