Utilizing Kiosks to Aid in Small Business

Small Business Kiosk

Guest post by Vinny from Phoenix Kiosk

You have probably used a computer kiosk to check in at an airport, and maybe you appreciated how it cut your time waiting in line. Perhaps you have seen one of these freestanding computer stations at the big retailers or mega-stores where they are becoming more common for submitting employment applications or providing help in locating an item. But have you ever considered that this same high-tech kiosk could be useful in your much smaller business too?

Computer kiosks, which have already proven their value as a time-saver in high-volume situations, are now proving to be helpful in small business and niche situations as well. Step back, brainstorm, and rethink all the customer relations aspects to your business. You know the ways a computer can help you in your office, but is there some way that giving your customers or clients access to a specialized computer program could help you even more?

If you can think of a need, you can probably get a customized kiosk that can fill it. Here is a list of brainstorming ideas to get you started:

• Need to be in two places at once? A kiosk could give you a presence at another high-volume location while you are back tending the shop. It would increase product awareness at the same time.

• Wishing there were more hours in a day? A kiosk could let your customers make after-hours orders or payments.

• Do you sell small standardized items? You could make them available in a vending machine styled kiosk at unstaffed locations.

• Do you sell big stuff or offer a service that won't fit in a machine? A kiosk can still take orders, schedule appointment calendars and help develop consumer relations.

• Does your business involve maintaining customer accounts that involve a routine procedure? A kiosk could let your customers help manage their account and reduce duplication of some of the recordkeeping.

As a creative forward-thinking businessman, you can probably imagine other ways that computer kiosk technology could distinguish you from the competition and generate interest for sales. One of the greatest advantages of a kiosk is that while kiosks are similar enough that people are familiar with using them, they can also be highly individualized for your small business needs. This is apparent even in the model choices: floor-standing, desktop, or wall-mount; keyboard or touch screen.

Your brainstorm might have silver-lined clouds.


 Small Business Kiosk

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Why Announcing Your Personal Goals May Be A Bad Idea


Almost every business article you read about goal setting suggests that you should tell anyone and everyone what your personal goals are.  The reasoning is that the more people that know your goals, the more people you need to prove to that you can actually carry out that goal.  Having lots of people who are ready to laugh at you when you don't reach your goals sounds like a great motivator for staying on track.

An interesting Ted.com talk by Derek Sivers discusses the idea that announcing your personal goals to othes may actually make you less likely to keep working towards those goals.  It was a very interesting idea and I wanted to share it because it goes against what most motivational speakers are saying today.  The video is below, check it out and let me know what your thoughts are.